Intro To Season 1, The Mindset You Need

I’m very excited to launch a new podcast: How To Learn Jazz Piano. These podcasts will help you take your jazz piano playing to a whole new level by learning in the same way as all the jazz greats learn. This first episode is an Intro to Season 1, which shows you The Mindset You Need in order to successfully learn to play great jazz piano. My goal is to help you get started in the right way and to stay inspired and motivated and inspired for years to come!

The episodes in Season 1 are:

1. Choose A Jazz Style To Begin With
2. Aim For Fluency
3. Your First Big Step Is “Minimum Viable Piano”
4. The Cure For “Practice Paralysis”
5. Creating Your Own “Musical Scene”

Enjoy this overview of Season 1, and I hope you enjoy the whole series. Good luck with your jazz playing!

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