Intermediate/Advanced Piano Improvisation Lessons

Intermediate/Advanced Piano Improvisation Lessons

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At the intermediate level, you already know some good scales, chord voicings, and LH accompaniments, but you may sometimes stumble when playing them in a tune. I’ll get you playing with a greater sense of “flow,” so these elements are naturally assimilated into your everyday playing. You’ll sound consistently better, learn new concepts and techniques easier, and generally have a lot more fun while playing!

And as you move into the advanced levels, it becomes a goal of digging deeper into your natural musicality and letting that come through more in your playing. I’ll guide you through the process of refining the skills you already have while introducing advanced concepts of improv, whether it’s in jazz, blues, rock, pop, or even classical styles.

Thanks to Ron’s teaching, I now feel confident enough as a pianist to play piano bar gigs, accompanying myself while singing jazz and pop songs. He’s an amazing teacher!

Julian Yeo

“Ron has helped me take my jazz playing to levels I didn’t think were possible. If I had the opportunity to learn from someone like him as a child, being a professional musician would have been my choice.”

Will P.

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