Hey everyone!

I’ve been posting on YouTube almost every day, and it’s been great to hear from all of you in the comments. Many of you have been especially supportive of what we may call my “healthy frame of mind” videos.

Here’s one of these recent videos, which I call “Learning 102.” If we pretend that there’s a university class on how to learn, this could be considered the second-level class on this important subject:

Learning 102

On Friday, I sat down and played Antonio Carlos Jobim’s beautiful bossa nova, “How Insensitive.” Jobim was heavily influenced by classical music and based this piece on Chopin’s famous Prelude in Em. The video will show you the musical relationship between the two compositions.

The performance itself of “How Insensitive” surprised me a little. It felt great while I was playing, and while watching and listening to the playback, I realized that this was one of my best and most personal performances ever. If I had to choose only one recording or video to represent who I am as a musician and person, this would be it!

How Insensitive: Journey Through The Real Book #154

I hope these videos inspire you with your own music, and please let me know if you have any questions or comments about what I say or play. Inspiration is a two-way street!

Be safe, stay healthy, and “Let the music flow!”


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