Improvising on piano is really quite simple….

Improvising on piano is really quite simple….

You just push down one note, then another, then another, and so on. Easy.

Don’t believe me? Just watch any 5-year old do it. A typical 5-year old will sit down at the piano and play joyful rhythms. Then they’ll make up simple melodies with the white notes. Sometimes they discover thirds and happily experiment with these new sounds, listening intently all the time. When they find something they like, they’ll often remember it and play it again the next time. Improvising.

They have an advantage, though – they haven’t learned to say “I can’t.”

Watch me teach blues piano to a 7-year old on this video. See how he simply listens to my instructions and then plays a solo using the notes I suggest. Effortless. You can do it too!

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