Improvisation in daily life (and at the piano!)

We improvise all day long, although we rarely think of it as such.

Every time we respond to a friend’s greeting, we’re improvising.

Every time we walk into a store and search for an item to buy, we’re improvising.

In fact, every time we walk down a hallway, we’re improvising where we place each step.

Just like in our everyday lives, piano improvisation is mostly using a language or set of gestures that we’ve become comfortable using. We use it in fresh ways. And since we’re so comfortable with this language (verbal, cultural, physical, etc.), we have no problem adapting to new and interesting situations each and every day. We can also engage in conversations we’ve never had before because we’re so fluent in the language.

The more we can view piano improvisation in the same way, the more natural it becomes. And the more natural it become for us, the more frequently the magic happens. Just like when we have a joyful moment with a friend.

Enjoy the journey, and “let the music flow!”


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