How to practice piano more effectively

Have you seen the article in The Creativity Post about effective piano practicing? Researchers studied how a group of university music students learned a piano piece and saw some common practices among the students who learned it best.

The whole article is worth reading:
8 Things Top Practicers Do Differently

Basically, the study shows that you don’t practice effectively. I don’t mean you personally, of course. I mean you statistically. Most of the students that they studied did not practice well. Reading the description makes me wonder how they ever thought they’d learn the piece at all!

In fact, the whole subject of practicing is so important that I’m going to spend the next 8 days addressing the practices that the study found to be effective; one per day.

Until tomorrow, I invite you to check out the article for yourself and draw your own conclusions. Then we can compare notes as I elaborate on each topic over the next 8 days. It will either make you a better pianist or reinforce your current good practice habits. Happy reading!

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