How To Embrace Mistakes And Find Creative Flow

If you want to play piano more creatively, it’s important to tap into a sense of “flow.” And to get a sense of flow going, you can’t overly worry about making mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. The key is to incorporate them into the overall flow so they don’t lead the music astray.

There’s a wonderful website about this called Creative Unblocking, created by Amanda Truscott.  Amanda interviewed me about the creative process and has published the article on her blog. I had a great time speaking with her and as you’ll see, she put a lot of thought and care into putting the article together for this.  She even tracked down the source of my Herbie Hancock quote and included it as a link for you to hear!

I think you’ll enjoy this. Here’s the interview:

Ron Drotos On How To Embrace Mistakes And Find Creative Flow

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