How to become a happy (and successful) pianist

Here’s how to become a happy and successful pianist:

Ignore rules, but embrace principles

Don’t say “sorry” when you make a mistake (smile instead)

Practice because it’s fun, not merely to improve (you’ll improve anyway, I promise)

Trust your talent

Ride the groove

Find a teacher who can take you where you want to go, musically

Study music, not just the piano

Notice the connections between musical genres

Don’t let your way of thinking about music limit you

Be opinionated

Don’t be opinionated

Immerse yourself deeply in the music of your favorite musician (then let it go)

Love what you can play, while also expanding your capabilities

Listen more deeply

Find the right “door” for you, personally (and it’s probably not what the internet is telling you)

Imagine how you’d like to play a year from now, then find a path forward

Enjoy the journey

Let the music flow


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