Happy Piano Day 2017 everyone!!!


Happy Piano Day 2017 everyone!!!

Yes, it’s true: today, March 29th, is the 88th day of the year. And since pianos have 88 keys, today is Piano Day!

The first Piano Day, in 2015, was the brainchild of Nils Frahm, and the idea spread quickly. Pianists all over the world now celebrate the instrument and its music on the 88th day of each year.

For my 2017 contribution to Piano Day, I’ve decided to play the song that more people have requested me to play than any other during my career: the iconic “Linus and Lucy” from the Peanuts (Charlie Brown) television specials.

The song has a fun “boogie-woogie” LH pattern, and a jazzy chord change when it goes to the EbMaj7 chord. I’ll often play something a little different right at the beginning of a well-known piece, to surprise the audience a bit and grab their attention. You’ll see this in the fast blues riff I play right at the beginning. It lets the listen know that this isn’t going to be your “usual” rendition of the song!

Also check out how I soloed over a 12-bar blues in the improvisation section. The boogie-woogie left hand pattern inspired me to take it further and play some full-out blues and boogie before returning to the main theme at the end. Try this for yourself.

I hope you enjoy “Linus and Lucy,” and let it inspire you to play some piano yourself on this Piano Day!

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  1. Found it 🙂 Happy Piano Day to you too! WOW, so nice and have to believe that one day my fingers will have that speed!! Enjoyed & thanks.


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