Getting to the next level

Take a quick moment and imagine how you’d like to be playing piano. How does the music sound? How does it feel to play like this?

Yes, all want to get to the next level with our piano playing. The big question is: how do we get there? How do we need to practice in order to attain our musical dreams?

This is the big question for all of us, and here’s the thing that most pianists miss:

The efforts that got each of us to our current level of ability are not the efforts that will take us further.

This is the reason why most pianists are at a plateau. Sometimes for decades.

In order to play the way we’d love to play, we need to make a different kind of effort. We need to practice in a new way. We need to develop a new understanding of how to improvise. A new understanding of how to practice.

The specific way to a new level of playing is different for each one of us. But the approach is the same. Look at all the good work you’ve done so far. Celebrate it. And then…. Relax your current concept of how to practice and find the way forward.

Enjoy your exploration, and “let the music flow!”


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