Getting to a new level with your piano playing

Whatever level of “pianism” you’re currently at, you got to this level by practicing certain things and having your musical experiences, whatever they may me.

It’s tempting to think that continuing in this direction will get you to the next level you’re striving for, but that’s not the case.

“Playing faster,” for instance, will just make you a faster player, not a player on a whole new level.

In order to get to a whole new level, you’ll need to approach learning music in a whole new way.

This is what Beethoven, Miles Davis, Prince, and just about every great musician knows, and it’s what we can do to.

It’s not a question of throwing out anything we already know. Rather, it’s a question of realigning our priorities and finding a new type of effort to make while playing.

Miles Davis and Prince helped push their band members towards this, and it’s clear from Beethoven’s statements about his music that he had come to a new understanding of music over the course of his development.

Spend some time with this and don’t be in a hurry. It’s all part of the journey. But yes, it’s a necessary step if you want to play the way you’ve always dreamed.

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