Fun Piano Improv Lessons For Teens

Fun, inspiring video lessons that will help keep your teen interested in piano.

Hi, I’m Ron Drotos.When I was teaching piano at a New York City-area school, I became known as “the guy who could keep your kids playing piano for a few more years.” Let’s face it; after a certain age, kids want to have a choice in which activities they pursue. The same kid who embraced piano recitals at age 7 is now a vibrant 16-year old who wants to “do their own thing.” What is a parent to do?

This is a tough question for parents to face. Every parent/teen relationship is unique, but before you “throw in the towel,” consider this: I have never met an adult who was glad their parents let them quit piano lessons. (If they switch instruments or concentrate on singing, this is different, but most teens who stop taking lessons never touch a musical instrument again.)

On a positive note, teens are beginning to suspect that there is an exciting world of music to explore that they didn’t get through their traditional piano lessons. Jazz, rock, blues, and pop styles all involve improvisation, which can bring fresh energy into a young person’s musical life in a fun, rewarding way: “Imagine, I can just sit down and play great music, without sheet music!”

To gain a little perspective, check out this blog post of mine:

How To Keep Teens Interested In Piano

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“I am especially impressed by the way Ron cares about his students, and takes an interest in their progress.” Bill S.

I work with piano students of all ages through my extensive, carefully-sequenced Video Course and, if desired, Zoom or Skype lessons.  I supplement the video lessons with weekly, personalized guidance and instruction, and help my students with any music they wish to learn. Please email me at [email protected] with any questions you may have. Good luck!

“I started improvising right away and experienced a wonderful feeling of musical freedom.” Alicia A.

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