Free Beginning Jazz Piano Lessons

I get emails all the time from beginning jazz pianists who were pushed by their teachers to learn advanced chord voicings (or 3rds and 7ths) right from the beginning. But it got too difficult and they gave up. I'm happy to say that there's a better way to learn jazz piano! Here are some lessons that will get you started the way I myself got started, by playing 7ths chords in root position. It's easier, sounds great, and is in fact a necessary stage in your musical development. Using the basic 7th chords for a while will also enable you to go farther in the long run, when we get to those fancy voicings in a more natural way!

Intro to Jazz: Lesson 1: The Dm7 chord (Beginner)


Intro to Jazz: Lesson 2: The G7 chord (Beginner)


Intro to Jazz: Lesson 3: Improv over Dm7/G7 (Beginner)



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