Embrace the beginning stages, whether you’re 8, 38, or 88 years old.

Every moment at the piano can be viewed as the beginning of something new.

It could be a person’s first time pressing down a piano key.

It may be the beginning of learning a new style of music.

Or, it might be the first time you try to play a new keyboard technique, such as a lively pop bass line or a Keith Emerson-like progressive rock ostinato in 7/8 time.

Going deeper, it could be the beginning stages of learning a new song, or memorizing it. Or, if you already know the song well, this moment can be viewed as an invitation to begin hearing it in a new way, or to start letting the music “flow” more naturally while you improvise.

Moment-to-moment, each new phrase can be approached in a fresh and vibrant way. Not the “same old, same old!”

Yes, each moment we have at the piano is a precious new beginning. It’s up to each of us to embrace this for ourselves and “let the music flow.”

Enjoy the journey!

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