Do you have to play songs the way the original artists did?

Hey Improvisers,

One of the most common piano myths, especially in pop and rock, is that we have to play songs the way the original artists played them. And even though this myth is less pervasive in jazz and other genres, it lurks behind many otherwise creative interpretations.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with playing a song the way the original artist did, but don’t let this limit you in any way. Know that you can play songs any way you like, and be as free and creative as you wish. That’s the main point here.

Watch this video to hear me go into all this, and much more, as I demonstrate the concepts on piano:

Piano Myth-Busting #5:

Try the techniques I’ve used, and then come up with some of your own as well. Above all, give yourself permission to play your favorite songs in your own personal way!


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