“Discovering” The Who’s Quadrophenia

I’ve always been interested in learning about a wide variety of music. Along the way, I’ve played and studied jazz, pop, rock, classical, folk, rock, R&B, Broadway… you name it. The flip side of this is that there are some great recordings I’ve missed in each of these genres. But the fun part is that I’m still like a kid; discovering new and exciting music all the time.

Case in point: The Who’s “Quadrophenia.”

Although I love a lot of The Who’s music, like the music from their rock opera Tommy and songs like “Won’t Get Fooled Again,” believe it or not I’ve never heard Quadrophenia. That is… until yesterday!

I put it on in my car and was enthralled. As many of you already know, it’s amazing!

Here’s the title track. The whole thing is great, and if you want to go right to the keyboard stuff, start at around the 2:12 mark. That’s when Pete Townsend brings out the synthesizer for some classical prog rock.

Let’s all be kids again and keep discovering new music (even if everyone else already knows about it)!

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