Discovering Jazz Podcast with Larry Saidman

I’m honored to be included in an excellent podcast by Larry Saidman called Discovering Jazz. Larry is passionate when sharing his knowledge and insight about jazz with others, and we share many common goals with our online musical activities. He’s been a big supporter of my Journey Through The Real Book video series on YouTube and asked me if he could include excerpts from one of my videos. Of course I said yes!

Here’s Larry’s description of this episode, along with the link where you can hear it for yourself:

Episode 93 is loaded—-and it is Part 3 of my four part series called “Real Book obscurities”, where I pick out a few lesser known tunes in the jazz student’s most used book—The Real Book Sixth Edition, talking about them, and play some of the best recordings of these tunes. This episode you’ll hear Gary Burton, Yvan Jacques, Sophie Millman, Stan Getz, Frank Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim, Wayne Shorter, Miles Davis, Herb Ellis, Charles Mingus, Paul Jost, and Kenny Burrell.
As an added addition, I introduce you to Ron Drotos, who has my favourite jazz website,, as well as some youtube videos where he goes through the Real Book in alphabetical order, talking about, playing, and improvising on each tune. On my podcast you’ll hear him talking about saxophonist/composer Wayne Shorter.…/…/discovering-jazz/id1287630511

Enjoy the journey, and “let the music flow!”


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