Developing the hand independence to play rock bass lines and solo at the same time

Hey everyone,

I’m having a great time making the videos for my 31-Day Rock Piano for Beginners Workout Challenge on YouTube! In a sense, I’m going back to how I myself learned to play rock piano, when my friends and I formed a “garage band” at the age of 15.

We didn’t know anything about music, and we dived right in, practiced together at the guitarist’s house several days a week after school, and loved every minute of it. (Well, I probably didn’t love the time when the bass player pretended he couldn’t play “Satisfaction” correctly because he didn’t like the song, but that’s another story!)

If you’re already on board, then the video for Day 6, which will be posted on Monday, will take you through a series of exercises to develop your hand independence while playing a bass line and soloing at the same time. We’ll start with just a repeated ‘A’ in the left hand and then go into the chord progression that’s used in both “Stairway To Heaven” and Bob Dylan’s “All Along The Watchtower.” You can play along at whatever level you’re at, from beginner to more advanced.

Here’s the video from earlier today:

Day 5

And it you’re just getting started, here’s the beginning of the series:

Day 1

Have fun, and “let the music flow!”

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