Creating a joyful “practice/enjoyment” cycle with your piano playing

Do you view your musical development like this?

1. If I practice more
2. I’ll get better
3. And then I’ll enjoy playing the piano more.

If you do and it’s working for you, then by all means keep going. But if it’s not, it’s because there are two things about it that aren’t working for you. First, you probably don’t have enough time or motivation to practice as much as you’d like, and secondly, if you don’t enjoy your playing now, you won’t enjoy it when you’re better either. (There are many, many “advanced” pianists who don’t enjoy their own playing.)

Try viewing it like this instead:

1. I’ll enjoy playing the piano at my current level
2. Because I enjoy playing so much, I’ll practice more
3. And then I’ll get better!

This is a virtuous cycle, and it’s the way every happy pianist I ‘ve ever met or heard about views their musical development.

Give it a try, and “let the music flow!”

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