Choose yourself

In the old days, someone had to choose you. A club owner had to hire you to play on Saturday night. A record company executive had to give your album the green light. Or Columbia Artists Management had to promote your tour.

But the old days are gone.

Now, you can choose yourself.

Choose yourself to specialize in a very particular musical niche. Study it passionately and make a weekly YouTube video about it. Share your passion and interest with the rest of us.

Choose yourself to play every Rolling Stones song in the style of Mozart.

Choose yourself to create a cappella arrangements of every 1970s pop hit you can think of.

Choose yourself to play piano versions of all the famous rock guitar riffs.

Choose yourself to play an extended piano improvisation on each week’s #1 pop song.

Choose yourself to become an expert on the relationship between jazz, bossa nova, and early 1960s Brazilian-influenced pop and rock music (Under The Boardwalk, Spanish Harlem, etc).

Choose yourself to document your growth as a pianist, from the beginning stages to your eventual mastery. (Show us your challenges as well as your successes.)

It’s never been easier to choose yourself. (Please don’t keep us waiting too much longer.)


(With thanks to Seth Godin for inspiring this post.)

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