Can this idea save the music industry?

It’s not often that you read something that takes you completely by surprise, but it happened to recently. As the music industry struggles to find a way to stay in business, and artists struggle to find a way to get paid fairly from the big companies, along comes a fresh idea. A very fresh idea, by way of the musician Imogen Heap.

The full article is worth reading. The beginning gives a clear summary of the problems the industry is facing. It cleared up some questions I had about, for instance, how YouTube deals with copyright issues and advertising. But the second half of the article is a revelation, as it gives Ms. Heap’s proposed solution to the whole mess we’re in.

Spend the 5 minutes and check it out for yourself.

The article also reminds me that ubiquitous as the internet has become, it’s still an infant. It hasn’t even learned to walk yet. It’s like those old Model T cars were a century ago. In 50 years, all the problems we’re facing now in terms of regulation/non-regulation will be ancient history. None of knows what things will look like in half a century, but I’m sure it will be very different.

Imogen Heap’s proposals are the first ideas I’ve read that make me think that maybe we’re getting a glimpse of the future. Check it out.

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