Bringing some gospel/rock to The Beatles’ “Yesterday”

Hey Improvisers,

Even though we sometimes think of musical genres as being separate, we can have a lot of fun by exploring the crossover between them.

I did this on Friday, when I performed The Beatles’ classic song “Yesterday” at the Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival. Even though Paul McCartney’s original rendition was very folk-based, a great song like this invites us to take in in any direction we wish. I began my performance by playing the song very gently, and then found wanting to become more rhythmic. At that point, I brought in some gospel influences. I’ve played gospel music in many churches over the years, and love bringing it into jazz, pop, and rock styles as well. You’ll hear some Keith Jarrett in here, as well as some “Bennie And The Jet’s-era” Elton John.

It’s only a few minutes long, and it will give you a few ideas on how to play this great song:

Ron Drotos: Yesterday

Have fun!


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