As an adult, you “own” your piano playing

Most people who played piano as a child took lessons and generally did what their teacher told them to do. The teacher selected much or all of the music, steered the child in a particular direction, and (hopefully) cultivated the child’s love of music in the context of piano study.

Now, as adult, it’s different. You “own” your piano playing.

You’re not doing it because your parents signed you up for lessons, or because it was taught in school. And you’re certainly not practicing because your teacher will get upset if you don’t.

On the contrary… you’re playing piano because you want to play piano. If you take lessons, it’s because you want to take lessons. And hopefully, you’re learning the type of music you’re learning because you want to learn that type of music.

Yes, you own your piano playing. That’s reason to celebrate, and it’s also a huge opportunity. How will you make the most of it?

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