A piano reharmonization of “Misty”

Hey Improvisers,

Reharmonizing jazz standards is a lot of fun, but it can daunting to get started if you’ve never tried it before. Therefore, I’ve made a video to give you some ideas and inspiration.

When I was 18 years old, I began studying jazz piano with Billy Taylor, who was a big proponent of reharmonization. Billy had learned the technique directly from the great Art Tatum, and I felt fortunate to be learning it from him. You’re next in the line, as I pass this along to you.

On the video, you’ll gain a perspective on what reharmonization is all about, you’ll hear a nice Art Tatum anecdote that Billy Taylor related to me, you’ll see and hear my own reharmonization of Erroll Garner’s “Misty,” which I created under Taylor’s tutelage, and you’ll hear a fun and slightly crazy story involving my visit to a New York City jazz club where I was unexpectedly asked to play my arrangement of “Misty” for the audience.

Here it is:

Misty: Journey Through The Real Book #237

Enjoy the journey and let the music flow!”


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