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Hi! I hope you’ve been having a good week as we head into this weekend. The first invigorating autumn chill has come to New York City, although the leaves are very late in turning colors this year. In fact, they’re almost all still green! They would normally have turned to bright colors by this time so I’m wondering if they might get a wintery frost without changing at all this year. Well, wither way, I’m enjoying the energy I get at the beginning of each new season here. It’s like the start of a new piece of music. How will it unfold and develop?

Here’s an extraordinary video I discovered earlier today on YouTube. It’s a 1972 performance by Duke Ellington and Paul Gonzalves, who played tenor sax in his band. I’ve never heard or seen Ellington play a duet with a horn player before, and we’re so lucky to have a video like this. Ellington had developed a unique piano style in his later years, and this video is precious beyond words!

Duke Ellington and Paul Gonzalves


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