Interview with Tedd Firth: The Inner World of Piano Improvisation

Hey Improvisers,

I’d like to share a very special video I made, when I sat down and interviewed the wonderful pianist Tedd Firth.

I’ve known Tedd for a few decades and it’s been a pleasure to see him go from “young new pianist on the NYC scene” to “accompanist to the stars.” Tedd is a fabulous musician as well as a nice person, and I had a lot of fun interviewing him for this video.

Since there is usually only one pianist in the room at a time, it’s a real treat to get to hang out with a pianistic colleague and “talk shop” like Tedd and I did here.

The conversation was based on the topic of my book “The Inner World of Piano Improvisation.” You’ll hear Tedd share his perspective on how to develop your own personal style, how to assimilate your musical influences, and much more, including his experiences working with such great vocalists as Michael Feinstein and the legendary Broadway star Barbara Cook.

Here’s the interview:

Tedd Firth: The Inner World of Piano Improvisation

And if you’d like to enjoy Tedd’s solo piano playing, check this out:

In this era when musicians aren’t generally hanging out at clubs as frequently as they did in the past, watching an interview such as this can go a long way towards ripening our musical perspective and giving us valuable musical perspectives that we can apply to our own piano playing and musical development.

Enjoy the video, and “let the music flow!”


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