5 Questions to ask ourselves about our piano playing

From time to time it’s fruitful to take a moment or two and reflect on our piano playing. To pause for a moment and ponder where we are and where we’re going. To deepen our relationship with music.

We may want to choose the same day each year to do this. Who knows? This annual reflection could become more and more important to us as the years go by. It could be be on our birthday, or on an annual holiday. Or New Years Day. A day that comes around each year to remind us to take a moment for ourselves.

Here are 5 Questions we can ask ourselves about our piano playing:

1. What music do we most enjoy playing?

2. What do we already do well?

3. What challenging skill would help our playing a lot, but we avoid practicing?

4. Which musician would we like to spend the next few months or year listening to and studying more often.

5. In what specific ways will we benefit from playing the piano more frequently? (It’s not just “improvement.” It could be “I’ll feel more joy each day.”)

With music, “the sky is the limit.” Spending a few moments each year with these questions will bring more energy, vitality, and meaning to our musical life.

Enjoy the journey, and “let the music flow!”

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