10 things that music and sports have in common

I often feel that music and sports are 2 sides of the same coin. (If you feel the same way, we’re in good company: Plato did too!)

Here are 10 things that music and sports have in common:

1. They both happen in real time (not many other activities are).

2. You can’t give up when something goes wrong. The game/performance is still happening.

3. Both give us opportunities to practice dealing with nerves.

4. Team sports and musical ensembles entail working together with others, in a fluid and highly interactive way.

5. You need to capitalize on momentum in order to do either one well.

6. They both involve the movement of energy.

7. We learn to enjoy doing them while being in front of an audience.

8. They both involve dressing up(!)

9. They put us squarely in front of “I can’t envision myself doing this” and show us that we can!

10. We go far beyond what you thought you’re capable of in both sports and music.

There are more similarities between sports and music too. If you think of one, please share it with us in the comments. Thanks!

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