10 minutes a day

A friend of mine, who tutors high school students, loves music and plays piano in his spare time. I was recently speaking with him and he told me:

“It’s really amazing. I hadn’t been able to get to the piano for a few months, so two weeks ago decided to just practice for 10 minutes a day. It really works. At first my fingers felt like jelly but after playing for just 10 minutes each day for two weeks, the scales are coming easier and my technique is smooth again.”

10 minutes at the piano each day.

It’s about continuity, developing habits, consistency, keeping your musical passion nourished, moving your fingers, and doing something for yourself each day.

10 minutes a day is how to begin. Then, when you have more time, play for an hour sometimes. But don’t do nothing when you can practice for 10 minutes.

This is attainable. You can do it.

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