I was recently asked to speak at a luncheon honoring a colleague who's a middle school band director. I came up with The Ron Drotos Method Book For Being a Successful Middle School Band Director. Here it is, along with the hypothetical teacher's handwritten 'notes', written in the margins:

Lesson #1: Come to work each day ready to share your love of music with the whole world.

Note to self: Order replacement instrument for the kid who lost her tuba.

Lesson #2:
Produce impressive results with all students, even those who have never seen a band instrument before.

Note to self: Remind flute section that whoever doesn't practice will make an appearance on The Weakest Link.

Lesson #3: Plan amazing concerts full of fun and varied pieces.

Note to self: Pull trumpet plunger mute out of upstairs toilet.

Lesson #4: Enjoy yourself, even when things get crazy.

Note to self: Isn't it amazing that spitballs can find their way through the length of a French Horn's tubing?

Lesson #5: Instill a love of and appreciation for music that your students will carry with them for their entire lives!

Let's give 3 cheers to all the music teachers who work tirelessly to keep music alive in our world!!!

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