Learn Rock, Pop, and Blues Piano

Learn to play great Rock, Pop and Blues Piano!

Hi, I’m Ron Drotos. When I was starting out in a high school “garage band,” I had no idea that I would eventually play for the Broadway hit “Smokey Joe’s Cafe and other rock and blues-based shows! Now, I’m helping students around the world learn how to play great rock and blues piano through my personal instruction and extensive video course.

  • My rock and blues lessons are carefully-sequenced to help you assimilate each new skill as you go along. As you develop confidence using the blues scale, for example, you’ll also be learning a wide variety of left hand techniques.
  • Essential rock and blues styles are “built in” to a practical approach at every step of the way. You’ll become able to sit down at any piano and play songs effortlessly!
  • All the video lessons are easy to follow and have sheet music included. My students make remarkable progress because I’m always available to answer questions and give personal guidance.

“I am especially impressed by the way Ron cares about his students, and takes an interest in their progress.” Bill S.

Topics include:
Playing from Chords
The Blues Scale
Classic Blues styles
Boogie Woogie
1950s Rock and Roll
Doo Wop
Rock Ballads
New Orleans stylings
Jazz Rock
Contemporary Rock soloing
Bass lines and Left Hand patterns
Classic songs (such as “Freebird,” “Born to be Wild,” etc.)

In addition to the extensive series of rock and blues, you’ll have full access to my complete video course, so you can learn any style you want for variety.

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