Fun & Inspiring Jazz, Blues, Rock and Pop Piano Lessons

Hi! I'm Ron Drotos. I'm passionate about piano improvisation and I've discovered that if you love playing piano, you're pretty close to being able to sit down and improvise your favorite style of music with fluency, joy and confidence. I know this because I've been teaching people to do this for over 25 years. You'll find that it's actually pretty easy with my expert step-by-step instruction and personal guidance.

If you're new to improv, I'll get you improvising in just a few days, and if you're at the intermediate or advanced levels, we'll dive deep into your favorite style of music, whether it's jazz, rock, blues, pop, or even classical improv.  I've been teaching worldwide via Skype since 2012, and will give you personal guidance and step-by-step instruction, which are the foundations of learning piano.  So whether you want to play great jazz like Keith Jarrett, rock out like Elton John, or learn pop styles like John Legend, I'm looking forward to helping you play piano like you've always imagined was possible for you!

I’m so happy I found Ron’s lessons online. His demeanor, impressive background, and ability to convey the material in such an easy to assimilate manner is exactly what I was hoping to find in an instructor. My playing is improving by leaps and bounds!" Lisa Irion

"I've tried other websites and this is by far the best. Ron is a great teacher who cares about his students. Do yourself a favor and sign up for his lessons, which I consider to be the best content on the internet." Sam D.

I would absolutely love to help you learn to play piano the way you've always imagined!
Please email me at if you have any questions.

Group of Ten 30-minute Skype lessons for $300.00 (Or a Group of Five 60-minute Skype lessons)