I'm having a wonderful time teaching via Skype. If you want real-time, one-to-one piano lessons with me, just sign up below and we'll schedule a lesson time.

Taking Skype lessons with me can help you...

1. If you want regular, weekly lessons for maximum instruction, instant feedback, and personal support and musical inspiration.

2. If you just want an occasional private lesson while you work with my Video Course or on your own.

3. If you want to work intensely to work on a specific skill for a definite time, such as 3 months. I'll push you hard and give you the help you need to master transposition, left hand technique, bebop soloing, blues piano, vocal accompaniment, or any other specific musical technique.

ron drotos

Ron Drotos

All of my weekly Skype students receive a full subscription to KeyboardImprov.com's extensive library of video lessons.


Group of Ten 30-minute Skype lessons for $300.00