Fun Skype Piano Lessons for Teens

Fun Skype Piano Lessons for Teens

When I taught piano at a private school just north of New York City, I became known to parents as “the guy who can keep your kid playing piano for a few more years.”

A lot of teens enjoy playing piano but have become disenchanted with their traditional piano lessons. They want to keep playing, but it’s become boring and unrelated to any of the music they love listening to.

What I found at that school is that somewhere between the ages of 13 and 16, most piano students go through a transition. Simply put, they want to play “for real.” They already know how to read music and now want to experience popular styles in the way the music is played by the artists themselves. And whether it’s rock, pop, jazz, or blues, this involves improvisation. Learning to use chords and playing songs in a way that’s exciting, beautiful, and lets them express their creativity in the way they know is possible.

I LOVE teaching teenagers for this very reason. They’re discovering their deep passion for music and simply need a teacher who can help them play the music they love. Then you don’t have to ask them to practice anymore!

“Ron Drotos is one of the most creative teachers I have ever met, and my teenage son enjoys his lessons. Ron has the ability to take any musical subject and turn it into an adventure.” Eve Weiss

“Ron’s extraordinary approach to teaching has ignited a passion within my daughter Lauren that has vastly improved her technical skills as well as her ability to express herself. Perhaps more importantly, his guidance and encouragement have helped bring Lauren’s self-confidence to a whole new level. We are so grateful to have found Ron and highly recommend him as a piano teacher.” Rob Mian

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Although teenagers are “self-starters” in so many ways, I’ve still found that they do best with weekly lessons (as opposed to working their way through my video course at their own pace.) All my regular Skype students also get full access to my 340+ video lessons, so I can give them assignments from the videos as well, but more importantly, I can guide them step-by-step during each Skype lesson. In addition to the songs and techniques they learn from my curriculum, I enjoy teaching them their favorite songs as well.

Group of Ten 30-minute Skype lessons for $300.00