Free Beginning Piano Improvisation Lessons

Beginning Piano Improvisation Lessons

Here’s a sample from my Blues lessons. You’ll learn the blues scale and develop good hand independence with my Rock and Blues Basics series, which lead naturally to exciting blues and boogie styles such as this.

Classic Blues and New Orleans Piano Styles: Lesson 6 (Beg/Int)

My Intro To Jazz series begins very easily, helping you become comfortable improvising over one chord at a time. Every once in a while, I put in a lesson like this one, to give you a good example of how to “think” about jazz in a clear way, without becoming overloaded with theory. You’ll also learn how to interpret melodies in a personal way, how to play walking bass lines, and more about scales and modes.

Intro To Jazz Lesson 14a (Beginner)


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Zoom and Skype lessons are $35 for 30 min, $50 for 45 min, and $65 for 60 min. Please email me at [email protected] with any questions or to schedule lessons.

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