Beginning Piano Improvisation Lessons

If you're new to improvising, or have tried without much success, I'll will get you started in a step-by-step way. Here are 3 sample lessons covering various musical styles. Enjoy!

Here's the very first lesson in my Flowing Water series. I've designed the Flowing Water lessons to bypass the main obstacle that most pianists have when they first try to improvise, which is the tendency to ask yourself "Is this good enough?" Instead, all you have to do is follow my instructions and get your fingers moving in the way I explain. Once you get comfortable doing this and begin to have fun, you'll gradually get more freedom to improvise melodies over various left hand accompaniments. The course will take you to the intermediate level with your improv. Have fun!

“Flowing Water” Lesson 1 (Beginner)

Here's a sample from my Blues lessons. You'll learn the blues scale and develop good hand independence with my Rock and Blues Basics series, which lead naturally to exciting blues and boogie styles such as this.

Classic Blues and New Orleans Piano Styles: Lesson 6 (Beg/Int)

"I’m so happy I found Ron’s lessons online. His demeanor, impressive background, and ability to convey the material in such an easy to assimilate manner is exactly what I was hoping to find in an instructor. My playing is improving by leaps and bounds!"

Lisa Irion

My Intro To Jazz series begins very easily, helping you become comfortable improvising over one chord at a time. Every once in a while I put in a lesson like this one, to give you a good example of how to "think" about jazz in a clear way, without becoming overloaded with theory. You'll also learn how to interpret melodies in a personal way, how to play walking bass lines, and more about scales and modes.

Intro To Jazz Lesson 14a (Beginner)

"I am really happy with the Flowing water lessons. The progress is really smooth and easy to understand and for the first time I am able to create music that sounds good without memorizing a score. I can only say thank you very much to Ron for sharing his knowledge. This is a really wonderful experience."
Aurelio S.

Zoom and Skype lessons

Zoom and Skype lessons are $35 for 30 min, $50 for 45 min, and $65 for 60 min. Please email me at [email protected] with any questions or to schedule lessons.

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