Piano Improvisation For Piano Teachers

Learn to become comfortable improvising and how to use it in your own teaching

Hi, I’m Ron Drotos. Learning to improvise will enrich your own music experience as well as give you a broader palette of musical tools to pass on to your own piano students. In addition, you’ll have the ability to attract a wider range of new students and also keep some of your teen students interested in piano for a few extra years.

  • My piano lessons are carefully-sequenced to help you assimilate each new skill as you go along. As you learn chord voicings, for example, you’ll also be developing remarkable hand independence.
  • Unlike theoretical books or random videos, essential musical theory is “built in” as you develop fluency at every step of the way. You’ll become able to sit down at any piano and improvise music effortlessly!
  • All the video lessons are easy to follow and have sheet music included. My students make remarkable progress because I’m always available to answer questions and give personal guidance.

ron drotos
“I am especially impressed by the way Ron cares about his students, and takes an interest in their progress.” Bill S.

Topics include:
Classical Improv
Contemporary Worship
Chords, scales, and modes
Solo piano styles
Creating accompaniments
Great American Songbook
Pachelbel’s Canon Improv

You’ll have full access to my complete video course, so you can learn any style you want for variety. In addition, my Piano for Kids lessons will show you how to incorporate piano improv into your own teaching, even with your youngest students!

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