What to do when you’re bored with your piano playing!

In yesterday’s blog post I gave you the “assignment” of playing an imaginary 20-minute daily “gig” at the piano. I also outlined some of the benefits, like ease of playing, that you’ll receive by doing this.

There’s another, deeper benefit, too:

If you get to the point where the music becomes extremely easy to crank out time after time, you may start to become a little bored with always playing the same songs the same way. It gets stale. This is an extremely important moment because one of two things will happen to you.


  1. You’ll naturally start opening to new possibilities in your music and begin playing different rhythms, melodic variations and other pianistic techniques, or
  2. You’ll “hit a wall” where you can’t go any further without someone else’s input.

If the first applies to you at that moment, then have fun going forward and exploring new playing options. And if you find yourself “hitting a wall” (like we all do sometimes), then this is great too because it’s the very best time to start learning from a good piano teacher. Because you’ve gone as far as you can go at this time, you’ll be like a sponge, literally soaking up all that the more experienced pianist has to offer you.

Good luck with your piano playing, and as always, “let the music flow!”

Do you play jazz piano? Let’s play a duet HERE.

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