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    One of my big piano idols from high school was Chico Marx of the Marx brothers. He wasn’t, strictly speaking, the best pianist in the world, or even really a particularly good pianist, but he was very showy and fun to watch. Here’s a video from a bunch of his movies of him playing:

    Interesting to me is a couple of videos made decades after Chico’s death, detailing his techniques. He would “shoot” the keys, do glissandos, and play by flicking one finger across the piano, among other tricks. Here’s the first video:

    Here’s the second:

    According to his brother Groucho, Chico didn’t actually practice. Instead, he just soaked his hands in warm water before he played. (I’m pretty sure Groucho’s just being funny here) Chico just had a good memory for popular songs.

    The Marx Brothers movies are very funny if you haven’t seen them. If you have cable, Turner Classic Movies sometimes plays them, you can check them out there, or look at Youtube clips OR get the DVDs.

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    Great stuff!!! I love those clips in the movies too. Harpo was pretty musical too 🙂

    btw, I used to live near their childhood home on E93rd Street in Manhattan. Of course they lived there almost a century earlier but it was fun thinking of them in the neighborhood!

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