The value of taking an occasional break from practicing

Everywhere you look, you’ll find advice on how to play the piano: “Do this,” “Do that,” Don’t do this,” Don’t do that,” Practice scales,” “Don’t practice  scales,” etc, etc, etc.

Most of it is probably good advice, but I don’t think I’ve ever read anything about taking an occasional break. Getting some rest.

I don’t mean a long break, like 6 months. I mean for a few days. Just enough for a change of pace.

I just took a few days off from playing piano and all my online activities. A long weekend of “digital sabbatical” and I didn’t practice any piano either. (I did play one gig but that was scheduled far in advance and I needed to fulfill that obligation.)

After this 3-day change of pace, I find myself refreshed and “ready to go” again. “Full steam ahead.”

A vacation is also a great way to find out why you play music.  How is our time at the piano different from our time away from it?  There’s more to this question than we might think!

 Here’s a little Blues Piano I think you’ll enjoy 🙂

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