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Well it seems I am Tim from Texas 2. I have always gone by Tim but my mother always wanted me to go by my full name ‘Timothy’. Recently since I had another Tim working for me, I started going by Timothy. It seems to have stuck. I live in The Woodlands / Conroe area North of Houston. I just joined this site a couple days ago so really looking forward to advancing my level of play. I also took lessons as a child and a couple times since then. I can read music but really want to improvise and play by ear. It looks like this site will be a great way to get me moving again. I am quite serious about making learning stick this time. I am glad to meet you all here and share this experience.

I really like great music and it doesn’t matter too much the style so long as it has a nice groove. I have learned a few classical pieces over the years, but my focus would be more like pop or some of the great music from the 50’s. I love some of the gospel music as well and want to learn that as well.