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Well, I have to learn new pieces every week for my Church, but this week I worked on the psalm The Lord Is My Shepherd by Leon C. Roberts, Easter Alleluia by Mart Haugen, Gloria by George Salazar, We Proclaim Your Death by (I think) Bob Hurd, and Jesus Christ is Risen Today (an old hymn, my dad considers it THE Easter hymn). There were a couple of other hymns for the service, but different musicians were in charge of the keyboard parts for those.

A lot of those sounded pretty imperfect when I performed them earlier today, just because I got most of them only on last Friday. I did alright, though.

I’m also working on the Blues lessons on this site, and I’m practicing the exercises you showed in the firstKeith Jarrett lesson, I think after a couple weeks I’m about confident to move onto the second (probably I’ll do that tomorrow; had a long day today).

So, uh, I’m keeping busy.