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Hey Mike!

Funny you should mention the choir accompanying! Another student asked me about this last week and I’m working on a blog post about it. If you have any specific questions or experiences you’d like to shore, let me know and I’ll address them in the blog.

Jazz ballads are so much fun to play! My pet peeve is when some drummers automatically go into a double-time feel as soon as the piano solo starts. It only really works when it happens organically, not when it’s forced. What’s wrong with playing a ballad, anyway? Why make them all into swing tunes??? Inchworm is a great tune to play, and not many people play it anymore. It will set you apart 🙂

I love the Debussy. I didn’t know it so I found a clip on Youtube. Lang Lang plays it well. He gets beyond the notes, which he doesn’t always do on Mozart, etc.