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Get a feel for the KeyboardImprov program with these free lessons.

Complete List of Lessons

New lessons added weekly. Let me know your requests!

Advanced Jazz

These lessons are for pianists who can play tunes well and want to delve into more advanced concepts and techniques.

The Art of Keith Jarrett

Learn to play like Keith Jarrett with this in-depth exploration of his improvisational style.

Blues Scale Etudes

Master the all-important Blues Scale in all 12 keys with these exciting Rock, Jazz and Blues compositions.

Blues Scale Workouts

Jam along with Ron as you exercise your improv chops!

Chords, Chords, Chords!

This series helps you learn chords thoroughly, starting with the basics. A practical knowledge of chords will enable you to play any style of music much more easily.

Classical Organ Improvisation

Learn to improvise preludes, postludes, meditations, and hymn variations.

Classical Piano Improvisation

Learn to spontaneously create music using the musical language of your favorite composers.

Classic Blues and New Orleans Piano Styles

This series is an in-depth exploration of classic blues piano styles and techniques, and their adaptation by New Orleans pianists such as Dr. John and Professor Longhair.

Classic Rock/Pop/Country songs

Learn to play the greatest rock, pop, and country songs with these lessons, at any level.

Contemporary Worship

How to play a wide variety of Worship styles.

Flowing Water

This step-by-step course will get you started improvising right away!

General Improvisation

Various approaches to improvisation.

Great American Songbook

Get to know the great American popular song styles from 1010-1950. This series shows you how to play standard songs by Gershwin, Porter, Berlin, and others in many styles, including swing, ballad, latin, etc.

Intermediate Jazz

In these lessons, you’ll learn rootless chord voicings, bebop soloing, motivic development, and all the techniques you need to become a fluent jazz player. Each skill is applied to the chord progressions of jazz standards, so you’ll learn to play the chords of standard tunes as you go along.

Intro to Jazz

Learn the basic melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic vocabulary of jazz with these step-by-step lessons.

Jazz Ballads

These lessons will get you playing jazz ballads with rhythmic flexibility.

Jazz Harmony

This series explores the world of jazz chords and harmony, starting with the most basic. Working on these lessons will provide a good supplement to the Intro to Jazz, Intermediate Jazz, Great American Songbook, and The Art of Keith Jarrett series.

Jazz Standard Workouts

Each of these lessons focuses on a specific tune, taking you through a variety of techniques in real-time.

Jazz Styles

Learn how to play various jazz styles.

Major Scale Workouts

Play duets with Ron as you improve your Major Scale fluency.

Pachelbel’s Canon Improv

Experience Pachelbel’s timeless piece in a whole new way!

Playing By Ear

Finding the tonic (or “home”)

Rock and Blues Basics

Begin your journey into the fun and exciting world of Rock and Blues piano here.

Smooth Jazz/R & B/Funk

Contemporary jazz stylings.

Solo Piano and Accompaniment Styles

Learn to sit down and play anything!