Getting to the Heart of the Blues

What if you woke up one morning, went to the piano to play your favorite type of music, and thought “Let’s make this even simpler.”

Let’s face it, not many of us do this; we’re usually trying to make it more complicated while we learn more advanced techniques.

But this is exactly what The Doors did. They loved the blues, which after all is based on only 3, simple chords. And they said “Let’s make it simpler! Let’s eliminate one of the chords entirely, and only use one of the others a few times, basically staying on just one chord for the almost the whole song.”

Does this sound crazy? Maybe. But it let them get to the very heart of the blues feeling, with their song “Roadhouse Blues.”

Listen to how pianist Ray Manzarek takes it a step further, playing the simplest blues lick in the world.

Do we have the courage to do this? Trust simplicity? Use what we already know to dive as deep as possible into our favorite music? Be simpler than our musical idols?

Yes, we can!

Good luck with your music and, as always, “let the music flow!”

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