Enjoying your own piano playing

I have some good news and some bad news for you.

Let’s start with the bad news: If you don’t enjoy your piano playing now, but think that you’ll enjoy it someday in the future, after you play better, you’re mistaken. Lots of highly skilled, professional pianists don’t enjoy their own playing.

Luckily, the good news is very good news: If you can find a way to let go of the future and enjoy your piano playing now, you’ll always enjoy it, for years to come.

Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

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2 thoughts on “Enjoying your own piano playing”

  1. I agree. I am starting to sightread and I like to enjoy the process. So I play the easiest pieces only

    • That’s excellent, Enrique! Keep doing any type of practicing that you enjoy, like the sightreading, and gradually build upon this firm foundation. That will take you far!


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